The Wind River Ecosystem

A real-time solution for mission critical problems

What does Wind River offer?

Wind River is a leader in the integrated software industry, providing tested and reliable products that work together in tandem with industry standards. When you need your embedded system to work, Wind River is here.

The VxWorks and Workbench Ecosysem

VxWorks is one of the core components of the Wind River ecosystem, built for integrated hardware. Wind River Linux, on the other hand, provides tools to develop integrated software. At the very top of the ecosystem is Workbench, which is an Intergrated Developer Environment (IDE) where the code for VxWorks is created.

VxWorks, an embedded real-time operating system

Discover the different tools and features you will learn about for your VxWorks projects.

VxWorks Platform Features

The VxWorks platform utilizes a variety of components:

  • Architecture libraries, board support packages (BSP), and device drivers
  • Kernel runtime environment and user space runtime environment
  • The Portable Operating System Interface
  • Connection through both serial and network connections
  • Peripherals for the system to connect, including middleware, I/O, and multimedia.

VxWorks Tools

VxWorks has a variety of tools and utilities:

  • Workbench 4
  • Compilers and debuggers
  • Simulation tools, such as the built-in VxWorks simulator; VxSim
  • Analytic tools, system viewer, and system browser
  • Extensions for Visual Studio Code for Wind River Studio

VxWorks Safety and Security

Wind River provides the following safety and security provisions:

  • Time Partitioning
  • User management, access control, and security event handler
  • Secure boot and secure loader
  • Encrypted containers
  • Trusted platform module
  • Network security

But what if you need more?

VxWorks has two additional, more robust versions.

  • VxWorks 653 for avionics and defense, or ARINC 653
  • VxWorks Cert Edition for aerospace and defense DO-178C, industrial IEC 61508, or ISO 26262 safety standards

These versions are typically used in aerospace or government projects. They have been designed meet certain safety requirements above and beyond what most consumer grade projects need.

Other Products in the Wind River family

Wind River Studio

Wind River Studio is a cloud-native toolset for developing, deploying, operating, and servicing mission-critical intelligent systems across the edge.

Wind River Studio- The Platform For Intelligent Edge Systems

Cloud Platform

Wind River Studio Cloud Platform is an open source, production-grade distributed Kubernetes solution for managing cloud infrastructure.

Wind River Studio Cloud Platform | Kubernetes Solution

Wind River Linux

Wind River Linux is a purpose-built Linux operating system based on the open source Yocto project that enables you to develop, deploy, and operate robust, reliable, and secure embedded solutions.

Wind River Linux | A Custom Embedded Linux OS Builder